Reference Documentation

This document provides an overview of the various documention available for JCommons.

Overview of the Reference Documentation

SourceGen This document describes how to use SourceGen, a source code generation framework that focuses on completeness and a simple and straightforward API.
SourceExporter To serialize objects in memory into source code, use SourceExporter. This tool is helpful in converting functional tests into unit tests, as well as object comparisons.
FactoryGen To get started with FactoryGen, an automatic Factory generator, use this guide. An Ant task is provided so that the factories can be automatically regenerated as part of the build process.
Marshaller To create FreeMind mindmaps out of object instances in memory, get started with Marshaller by using this guide.
MapUtils To make use of MapUtils, the library that Marshaller uses to create and work with FreeMind maps, use this guide.
Transformation Framework The TransformationFramework is a collection of code for working with and executing transforms on transform graphs. Transform graphs are directed graphs which represent transforms between different object types. This guide describes how to set up transform graphs and apply them. Transforms are provided which can convert EDI formats (specified by a field mapping and a segment map) to XML. Conversions for two sample EDI formats are provided.
XPathFind XPathFind is a command-line utility to find XML files with a particular XPath expression, or for finding regular expressions in text files. XPathFind will recurse directories and look inside ZIP files. A transformation configuration file can be provided to convert non-XML files to JDOM documents, which can then be searched with XPath expressions. An example transform for a sample EDI format is provided.