HashMap Example

The following information pertains to marshalling instances of java.util.HashMap. The MarshallerFactory (in the Marshaller project) contains keys which are instances of java.lang.Class. By directly supporting the marshalling of keys in a HashMap that are instances of Class, the Marshaller itself can be marshalled, producing documentation on all the keys and all the built-in marshallers.

Sample Code

        public void testHashMapOfClasses() throws Exception {
                Marshaller marshaller = new Marshaller(
                                Marshaller.FQCN_NEVER, Marshaller.SHOW_ACTUAL_TYPE);

                HashMap hashMap = new HashMap();
                hashMap.put(String.class, "String");
                hashMap.put(Integer.class, "Integer");
                hashMap.put(Long.class, "Long");
                Map map = marshaller.marshal(hashMap);

                BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("c:\\temp\\hashmap-of-classes.mm"));

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