Package ca.quine.jcommons.sourceexporter

Provides marshallers to export the state of a given Object into source code.


Class Summary
ArrayConverterFactory Provides a way to get the appropriate ArrayConverter to convert a primitive array into an array holding the same data where each element is converted into its boxed type.
ArrayMarshaller Marshalls an array of any type up to dimension 3 (with any lengths), including primitives, into source code.
ChainOfResponsibility Implements a Chain of Responsibility along the lines of the pattern described in "Design Patterns", Gamma et. al., and provides helper methods to use the chain to export (or "marshal") objects as source code.
CollectionMarshaller The superclass of all marshallers that marshal a Collection (or array) of Objects.
CustomMarshallerExample This class provides an example of how to create a custom marshaller for an immutable class (with no public setter methods).
CustomSourceExporter This class demostrates how to subclass the SourceExporter and add a custom marshaller.
DateMarshaller Marshals a date object (but does not handle any subtypes of Date).
DefaultMarshaller Marshals a JavaBean by looking for get/set or get/is method pairs.
ImmutableMarshaller This class is a base class for custom marshallers that marshal an immutable class (with no public setter methods and no public no-args constructor).
ListMarshaller Marshals a list to source code.
MapMarshaller Marshals a map into source code.
MarshallingContext Holds information and properties that keep track of and control source code generation (such as which objects have been seen so far and what code formatting style to use).
MethodNameComparator Compares two Method objects by their names.
MethodSourceReturn Used by SourceMarshaller.createMethodSource(MarshallingContext, Object, String, String) to return more than one thing.
NullMarshaller Marshals a null object.
PrimitiveMarshaller Marshals all the primitive types and their wrapper classes.
SetMarshaller Marshals a Set into source code.
SourceExporter Constructs a ChainOfResponsibility and exports (or "marshalls") objects to source code using it (this class is the main class in the SourceExporter package).
SourceMarshaller The superclass for all marshallers.
StringMarshaller Marshals a String to source code, handling any backslash escapes and quoting.

Package ca.quine.jcommons.sourceexporter Description

Provides marshallers to export the state of a given Object into source code. For a general overview, details for getting started and reasoning behind why this package exists, refer to the JCommons documentation. To create a marshaller that exports source code for an immutable class, see the source code for CustomMarshallerExample. To create a marshaller that exports source code for a collection, see the source code for ListMarshaller. To add a new marshaller to the chain, see the source code for CustomSourceExporter. These are not specifically linked here because the source code is more interesting from a developer perspective than the JavaDoc.